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Green Hub Denmark

Why are you involved in CO2Vision?

CO2Vision has the potential to create green jobs and ensure green growth in the whole of Northern Jutland when work together in a targeted manner with CO2 capture, use and storage as well as transport. We see the potential in CCUS and view it as a springboard for a new and burgeoning business adventure. With CO2Vision, we now have a unified, coordinated effort to strengthen and develop the work on CCUS, and we are proud to be a part of that.

In Green Hub Denmark, we work on green transition, sustainable business models, large-scale tests and demonstration projects as well as the presentation of green technologies. The goal is to create growth and employment in Northern Jutland while also cooperating with the business community throughout Denmark and other parts of the world to tackle the global climate challenges. The partnership thus contributes to the government's ambitious goal of reducing CO2 emissions by 70 percent by 2030 while via new and existing partnerships we create and attract more green jobs to Northern Jutland.

We were created to work purposefully to strengthen cooperation between new and existing companies and work to attract companies with green ambitions. We offer facilities and a public-private collaboration platform that enables testing and demonstration of green solutions – and this is exactly what we can develop through a strong partnership with CO2Vision.

What do you offer as a partner in CO2Vision?

We deal largely with the strategic roadmap, test and demonstration sites as well as company guidance and investment. Our activities ensure that CCUS becomes a new business adventure that puts Northern Jutland map, not only in Denmark, but also worldwide.

This dovetails with the fact that Green Hub Denmark works to form partnerships and build projects. Through everything from workshops to in-person as well as online meetings, we are fully engaged in establishing networks that best support the realization of CO2Vision. In addition, we work purposefully to map analyses and knowledge and contribute with knowledge on how we can best establish the necessary green infrastructure.

In addition, we are constantly in dialogue with a number of companies about how they can become suppliers for the green industry and products of the future. We are doing our part to ensure that green workplaces are created that extend far into the future.

Finally, we have an international aim that will help ensure that CO2Vision reaches beyond Denmark's borders, making full use of our knowledge.

What do you expect to come out of having been part of CO2Vision?

After a successful phase 1, we are very much looking forward to being able to start phase 2. We have no doubt that CO2Vision can help create even more growth and, not least, test and demonstrate the green solutions of the future and light the way for green workplaces.

It is our clear vision that we leave our mark on a more coherent energy and resource system where we have compiled an overview of existing point sources in all North Jutland municipalities.

A series of mini-beacons from Hobro to Hanstholm is already underway, and we look forward to following the work with CO2 capture, use and storage, so that together we can turn CO2 into a valuable resource in the future. We look forward to helping to secure green jobs and growth throughout Northern Jutland.

CO2Vision is the joint effort across municipalities, business promotion actors and companies that can set the green course.

What has it given you to be part of CO2Vision?

We have seen what a strong partnership can do, and what we can achieve if we work together. We use our entrée and access to the municipalities to create the framework for testing and demonstration. In Green Hub Denmark, we see CCUS as a business adventure that builds on Northern Jutland's positions of strength in the blue, the green, the smart and the attractive. We are certain that with CO2Vision we can help ensure that Northern Jutland becomes the place you look to if you have ambitions when it comes to CO2 capture, use, transport and storage.

The questions are answered by Michael Stie Laugesen, Project Manager at Green Hub Denmark.


Anders Brøndum Klein

Project Manager

Telephone: 21 22 42 89

Email: anders.klein@aalborg.dk

Mette Larsen

Communications Consultant

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Email: mela@aalborg.dk

About Green Hub Denmark

Green Hub Denmark strengthens cooperation between new and existing companies and works to attract companies with green ambitions. We offer facilities and a public-private collaboration platform that enables testing and demonstration of green solutions. In Green Hub Denmark, we want to make Northern Jutland the Silicon Valley for green transition.

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