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Aalborg Portland

Who are you?
Aalborg Portland is Denmark's only and one of the world's leading producers of cement and cement products. Since its inception in 1889, Aalborg Portland has had a strong focus on innovation and customer needs and sustainability. Our 2030 Roadmap towards sustainable cement production aims to elevate Danish-produced cement among the cements in the world with the lowest CO2 footprint.

Why are you involved in CO2Vision?
Director at Aalborg Portland, Michael Lundgaard Thomsen, as chair of the regional growth team for North Jutland helped to point to CCUS as a focal point for the North Jutland business lighthouse and thus the CO2Vision consortium. We have all the prerequisites for a green transition in North Jutland via CO2 capture and storage. This is a huge task, and we are facing big investments. But we see great opportunities to build an infrastructure for transporting, importing and storing CO2 in a cost-effective way. We also see many opportunities to utilize CO2 as a raw material for e.g. fuel, and our vision is to be part of these synergies. Furthermore, we would like to help medium and small emitters also get the opportunity to store or utilize their CO2.

What do you offer as a partner in CO2Vision?
As a partner in CO2Vision, we are currently contributing to the work of the steering group and the consortium work. We also offer the cement factory as a virtual test site and participate in sub-projects. As Denmark's largest single emitter, in the long term we can deliver a large amount of CO2 that can help make the vision a reality. At the same time, our intensive development work with CO2 capture at the factory provides greater insight into opportunities, shortcomings, strengths and challenges on the way to the vision.

What do you expect to come out of having been part of CO2Vision?
We expect CO2Vision to contribute to the development of effective technological solutions for CO2 capture and to building an infrastructure so that Aalborg Portland and other emitters can store or use their CO2 in a safe and efficient way. In doing so, we can contribute to promoting the region's goal of becoming a CCUS beacon and, in a larger perspective, contribute to meeting the global climate challenges.

What has it given you to be part of CO2Vision?
We have already gained a good network, which has made it possible to enter into letters of intent with two local transport and storage initiatives: The Norne project with Port of Aalborg and Fidelis New Energies, as well as Greenport Scandinavia with, among others, Port of Hirtshals and the actors behind the Greensand storage project in the North Sea.

About Aalborg Portland
Cement is part of everything around us, and with our factory in Aalborg, Aalborg Portland has supplied cement to customers all over the world since 1889. Our gray cement is used in countless buildings and construction projects in Denmark and the surrounding markets. And we are world-renowned for Aalborg White – the pure white cement used in everything from the Olympic city in London to skyscrapers on Manhattan's Park Avenue to the Lindholm Høje Museum in Nørresundby. We have a goal of reducing our CO2 emissions by 73% by 2030 compared to 2021. This must be done by switching to CO2-neutral fuels, developing CO2-reduced products and CO2 capture. This will place us among the world's leading cement producers in the field.


Marketing Manager

Telephone: 24 29 14 73

Email: mikkel.vestergaard@aalborgportland.dk

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