Spring til indhold

Rewriting the legacy of CO2

We create international success via local roots

CO2 as a resource

We create growth, employment and export opportunities for Denmark

Northern Jutland as a leading region

We are instrumental in Northern Jutland becoming self-sufficient in renewable energy by 2040

Our wide-ranging partnership cements and highlights Northern Jutland's green leadership. We make our shared vision of a North Jutland growth adventure a reality by drawing on the commitment, know-how and dynamism of the entire region.

By capitalizing on Northern Jutland's unique collaborative DNA and our various strengths, we are able to take a leading role, becoming the epicenter of the next big green wave: CO2 capture, use and storage.


To produce results, we mobilize the entire value chain across sectors and industries, bringing together ground-breaking innovation, testing and demonstration, and full scaling. This approach gives companies a springboard to strengthen their green competences and realize their unique development and growth potential.

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Do you want to help make the vision a reality and everyday life?

Eva Thornberg

Project manager, Erhvervshus Nordjylland

20 91 19 00 - et@ehnj.dk

Anders Brøndum Klein

Project manager, Green Hub Denmark

21 22 42 89 - anders.klein@aalborg.dk

Maria Kristiansen

Project manager, Energy Cluster Denmark

60 15 64 46 - mak@energycluster.dk

The CO2 Vision consortium