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The vision

The vision

The vision

The vision

CO2Vision's vision is that in 2030 North Jutland is an international pioneer region for CO2 capture, use and storage, where CO2 is captured from the 50 largest CO2 point sources. At the same time, a green piped infrastructure system has been established for the transport of both hydrogen and CO2.

The infrastructure can be accessed by companies for the purposes of transport and use, which enables the largest emitters in the region to capture emissions and gives other companies the opportunity to produce products incl. green fuels for heavy transport and the aviation sector.

At the same time, several intermediate storage facilities have been established at ports, for example, and CO2 and hydrogen are stored underground in suitable structures.

By 2030, 5,000 new jobs will be created in the industry for CO2 capture, use and storage.

Do you see the light in the vision? And do you want to help make it a reality and everyday?

In the spring of 2021, seven regional growth teams submitted their recommendations on how the government can best invest in local business forces, which can develop into business beacons. The seven growth teams focused on location-based challenges and growth opportunities as well as recovery.

Due to, among other things, Aalborg Portland, which is Denmark's largest CO2 emitter, the North Jutland growth team focused on CO2 capture, use and storage.

As a follow-up to the recommendations from the North Jutland growth team, the consortium behind CO2Vision is working to create a beacon for CO2 capture, use and storage.

The growth team presented 12 recommendations, which are translated into four activities:

  • A roadmap for green business development and attracting foreign investment.
  • Test and demonstration activities with a focus on
    • Test and demonstration of CO2 capture, storage and use
    • That knowledge from research environments is put to use by SMEs
    • To strengthen the municipalities' testing of green solutions
    • Conversion to green fuels
  • Business guidance and an effort for small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Development of workforce and competences.

The visions behind CO2Vision, which were put forward by the North Jutland growth team, are current up to 2035, while the ambition is that the concrete activities must be initiated and create the first results during 2023.

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