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CO2QMON: Quality-assured data for captured CO2 in North Jutland  

New innovation project on quality-assured data for captured CO2 in North Jutland

The innovation project CO2QMON deals with monitoring, quality assurance as well as management and reporting of CO2 capture for a common infrastructure.

The purpose of the project is to define and build a system for monitoring, quality assurance, management and reporting of CO2 produced for a common pipe infrastructure. The methodology is exemplified on a CO2 gas produced at a carbon capture plant with a particular focus on quantity and quality. The goal is a concrete proposed solution to the above that can be used as a de facto standard and demonstrated and documented throughout the project.

The project's partners are Force Technology, Olicem, Aalborg Portland, Kraftvarmeværk Thisted.

The picture is from the CO2QMON kick-off meeting in January.

The CO2 Vision consortium