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North Denmark's EU Office

Who are you?

North Denmark's EU Office helps Northern Jutland and Sermersooq municipality to find funding and financing from the EU for the public sector, companies and educational institutions. To support this work, we are a group of specialists in innovation and internationalization with a wide range of different sectors. We work with financial implementation of the European strategies; thus the green transition is naturally a substantial part of our work.


Why are you involved in CO2Vision?

CO2Vision provides many building blocks for Denmark to achieve the objectives of CO2 neutrality in 2050 and the opportunity to create many jobs and international companies based in Northern Jutland. CO2Vision serves as a midwife for many projects that need much more funding to reach their objectives. It is therefore natural that North Denmark's EU Office is part of CO2Vision in order to see potential needs, supporting them with assistance from the EU.


What do you offer as a partner in CO2Vision?

We create awareness of CO2Vision in a European context by communicating about the vision to the EU Commission and at various European conferences on the green transition. This generates interest in the vision, and provides knowledge of similar European projects and how they can be linked to achieve greater synergy in a European energy strategy. Furthermore, we have mapped the possible European funding opportunities within the CO2Vision's four pillars and are working to help establish projects that can receive funding from the EU.


What do you expect to come out of having been part of CO2Vision?

We expect that this will give us an opportunity to help with a significant part of the funding needed for the mini-beacons and for CO2Vision to continue to be a success. It helps us to achieve the goals we have with our owners and thus contribute to a Northern Jutland that has a role in our future energy structure.


What has it given you to be part of CO2Vision?

It has helped us to better deliver value to Northern Jutland. We continuously compile knowledge from the EU that is important to a project with such significant impact where CO2Vision is a cornerstone in Northern Jutland. Co2Vision is a platform where the EU office has the opportunity to show what it can do and collaborate with all partners in CO2Vision who can use our knowledge of financing via the EU.


About Northern Denmark's EU Office:

North Denmark's EU Office works to promote Danish participation of public and private actors in EU projects and to obtain EU funds from the EU's support programmes. Our aim is to support activities that contribute to increased internationalization, growth and more jobs in Northern Jutland. North Denmark's EU office is an independent association established and owned by the 11 municipalities of North Jutland, the North Denmark Region, University College of Applied Sciences Northern Denmark, Aalborg University and the Greenland municipality, Sermersooq.

Jens Christian Winther, Direktør

The CO2 Vision consortium