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Business Hub North Denmark

Why are you involved in CO2Vision?
CO2Vision is a central business development effort for the whole of North Denmark. In this work, we are a natural partner as we were created to help companies with sustainable development and growth. For us, the special thing about CO2Vision is that it is a joint, strategic effort towards creating a strong business position in the region in relation to capturing, using, transporting and storing CO2 rather than emitting it. By working together to turn CO2 into a resource, we can achieve major climate gains, increased growth and increased employment opportunities.

What do you offer as a partner in CO2Vision?
We have several roles in CO2Vision in project management, advising and competence development. Business Hub North Denmark has extensive experience in project management, so we help with the overall project management, including coordination, management of the timetable, finances and time use.
We also have a role in advising and providign fedback to small and medium-sized companies that can become suppliers for the green businesses and products of the future. Specifically, we are currently carrying out 50 individual advising activities for companies that wish to become subcontractors to the industry. We hold three workshops with the themes: Catching, using and storing. And we have the option of smaller workshops that provide an introduction to the area and information on becoming a supplier.
Finally, we are mainly responsible for the overall effort to train, upskill and certify managers and staff so that they can handle tasks in developing technologies in CO2 capture, use and transport and storage. Training applies to industries that are already working with, or want to work with, the green transition and that have the potential to contribute to the development of technologies that speak to CO2Vision's purpose. The training also applies to the surrounding value chain, such as subcontractors or consultancy and service companies.

What do you expect to come out of having been part of CO2Vision?
For us, it is essential that the project creates growth and jobs in North Jutland. The consortium's expectation is that there will be many new jobs in the green industry as work with the capture, transport, use and storage of CO2 develops. There are jobs both in Northern Jutland and in the rest of Denmark, and everything from craftsmen to engineers will be needed. Sustainable growth and development is essential in our region and the rest of Denmark. Growth and development in the business world helps us all make a living and contributes to our well-being.
In addition to growth and employment opportunities in the project, we naturally expect that CO2Vision will contribute to the solution to the CO2 challenge, and become an asset to the Danish climate policy goal of reducing greenhouse gases with 70% by the year 2030.

What has it given you to be part of CO2Vision?
Business Hub North Denmark's vision is: To create sustainable growth and development in Northern Jutland. Here, CO2Vision hits the bull's eye, and can therefore be instrumental in realizing our vision for the good of the business world and thus all of us. Our participation in the project will give us an even more central role in business development in Northern Jutland where at the strategic level we will help point businesses in Northern Jutland in a sustainable direction - and it means something to us to be involved in making a difference.


Eva Thornberg

Project Manager

Telephone: 20 91 19 00

Email: et@ehnj.dk

Heidi Stubberup

Project & Communications Manager

Telephone: 20 91 67 54

Email: hs@ehnj.dk

About Business Hub North Denmark

At Erhvervshus Nordjylland / Business Hub North Denmark, companies can get free advice and participate in development courses in areas they demand. We are a hub for business promotion in Northern Jutland, and our impartial, specialized business developers help map development opportunities for North Jutland companies. The business developers provide guidance in the areas of: digitalization, internationalization, qualified labour, green transition, innovation, financing, sales and marketing as well as management and organization.
In short, Erhvervshus Nordjylland helps companies open doors to a large network of public and private players. Read more about Erhvervshus Nordjylland at http://www.ehnj.dk.

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