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CO2 Hub Hanstholm

Capturing and storing CO2 underground is an essential way to achieve the national and international climate goals. Right now Hanstholm Harbor is on a big journey, namely to become Europe's first CO2-neutral fishing port. Thisted Kraftvarmeværk also has a strong desire to contribute to the climate goals. And the ambitions for both parties are great, and therefore cooperation is the way forward if the ambitions and challenges are to be met. Therefore, Thisted Kraftvarmeværk and Hanstholm Harbor will take the lead in the development of a unified value chain as inspiration for other small and medium-sized players, so that these can supply CO2 at prices that are competitive with CO2 from the very largest players such as refineries, cement factories and the cogeneration plants in the very largest cities.

Thisted Power Plant will carry out a technical and economic feasibility study from full-scale CO2 capture at Thisted Power Plant and pipe transport to Hanstholm Harbour, from where, in cooperation with specialized shipping companies, it can be shipped to competing sites within the storage and use of CO2. As part of this, a feasibility study of a CO2 network for piped CO2 is also carried out.

The project prepares Thisted Kraftvarme and Hanstholm Harbor to participate in a future development driven by the following five elements:

  • The realization of the upcoming state CCUS strategy.
  • PTX projects at Hanstholm Harbour.
  • Large-scale CO2 storage on the seabed off Hanstholm.
  • Expansion of CO2 capture from biogas plants and increased number of biogas plants in DK.
  • Establishment of state infrastructure for hydrogen and CO2.


  • Cogeneration plant Thisted
  • Thisted Heating supply
  • Hanstholm Harbour
  • Goth Engineering
  • Evida
  • Thisted Municipality

Hear more about the project

Contact Maria Kristiansen, Project Manager, Energy Cluster Denmark at mak@energycluster.dk

The CO2 Vision consortium