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University of Applied Sciences UCN

About University of Applied Sciences UCN

The University of Applied Sciences UCN is one of Denmark's six universities of applied sciences, which develops and offers practical higher education, further education and research. UCN is rooted in North Jutland and is one of the region's largest higher education institutions with facilities in both Aalborg, Hjørring and Thisted. Their offer covers short and medium-term higher education in pedagogy, business, health and technology.

In CO2Vision, the University of Applied Sciences UCN contributes to uncovering companies' knowledge and competence needs, where they offer internships and project courses to companies, which are matched with relevant energy and environmental education at the school. The courses included in these courses are automation technologist, energy technologist, electrical installer, plumbing installer and energy management. In addition, UCN participates in a collaborative initiative on the development of course and workshop courses, which, among other things, covers desk research (in collaboration with AAU) and participation in the Green Innovation Workshop (in collaboration with AAU and MARTEC).

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