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If you are going to use a fishing net for the garden pond, you should consider buying one with a mesh size of 1.5 mm and one with a mesh size of 5 mm. Then you are well covered. If, on the other hand, you want to capture CO2 from your production company, instead of koi carp and algae, it is immediately more difficult.

Three years ago, the North Jutland growth team was dressed in work clothes. Over the autumn and early spring, the foundation stones were laid. The report was presented in May 2021 and here it was clear what the future North Jutland business lighthouse should be.

North Jutland's next business adventure seems to be CO2 capture, storage and use. CO2Vision, as the consortium is called, is off to a good start, but how do we go beyond the vision and how do we exploit the business potential in the future? It requires more people to be involved.

A new business adventure?

What exactly is a business adventure? Can a single company experience a business adventure or does it have to be on a larger scale? Many would say that the North Jutland IT industry is largely based on a business venture within mobile phone technology.

I would also call that a business adventure, and I see many of the same possibilities in relation to CO2Vision. The difference is the location-bound prerequisites.

Catching, storing and using will be crucial in order to achieve the emission reductions that have been adopted, and Denmark and North Jutland have the prerequisites to play a decisive role. There is both a significant point discharge, storage options and research competences present.

Since the growth teams' report was presented almost three years ago, an impressive regional consortium has been established with the participation of a large number of local stakeholders. The cohesiveness and interest was evident in August, when CO2Vision invited to a conference in August, and the results are also already showing through new activities.

We will use the fishing net

Next week, European eyes are on North Jutland when the European Commission's EU CCUS Forum 2023 is held in Nordkraft.

Here, more than 450 participants across research, companies and authorities will gather to discuss future perspectives. The conference is a huge feather in the hat and it testifies that North Jutland is really on the map.

The fishing net is needed in the future.

Not to catch the discharge from the chimney, but to get more companies interested. A large number of international companies are already involved in various sub-projects, including some of the very large ones in the areas -internationally.

A decisive step in realizing the potential is for more companies to open their eyes to the possibilities. This applies to both the companies that must use the technologies for their own reductions and the companies that must build the necessary infrastructure.

In order to gain the interest of the average company, it is crucial that greater awareness is built up among the people of North Jutland.

This will probably happen to an increasing degree as more sub-projects are successfully completed, but a new North Jutland business adventure of this caliber requires greater dissemination among citizens and businesses.

The activities in Northern Jutland next week will contribute to this and I would encourage everyone with an interest to follow the conference virtually or participate in some of the events that still have free places.


Richard Fynbo - Adm. direktør i Fynbo Food og bestyrelsesmedlem hos Erhvervshus Nordjylland

The CO2 Vision consortium