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Who are you? 

Evida is Denmark's gas distribution company. We own and operate more than 18,500 km of pipelines, which supply Danish gas consumers with gas. Evida connects biogas plants to the distribution system, and we are experiencing great interest in connecting new plants and expanding production at existing plants. In 2030, the goal is that Danish gas consumption can be covered with 100% of green gas, and that goal is realistic. At the same time, CO2 capture from a number of decentralized sources is knocking on, with the need for transport for storage or use in Power-to-X. Here, Evida can use its experience and competences in the development of piped infrastructure for CO2.

Why are you involved in CO2Vision?

Evida can build, own and operate pipe infrastructure that can transport CO2 to storage or utilization in PtX facilities. Evida's approach to the work with the future CO2 infrastructure is market-based through close dialogue with the various market players. That is why we are involved in several projects and partnerships around CO2, which include CO2Vision, which brings together actors across the value chain to promote the green transition.

What do you offer as a partner in CO2Vision?

As a gas distribution company, Evida has built up a great deal of competence in the construction and operation of pipe infrastructure. At the same time, the increasing share of biogas in the distribution network has given Evida great experience and skills in balancing decentralized gas production and consumption. With this experience, Evida can contribute professional knowledge and insight into how CO2 infrastructure in North Jutland could be developed and thus ultimately contribute to Denmark achieving its climate goals.

What do you expect to come out of having been part of CO2Vision?

We expect the CO2Vision partnership to contribute to knowledge exchange between the various actors in the CCUS value chain. The CCUS market is in full development with a great need for dialogue and at the same time great opportunities for synergy between the various parties. CO2Vision promotes dialogue between the various CCUS actors, and we therefore look forward to following the partnership's work so that Evida can roll out piped CO2 infrastructure based on market needs.

What has it given you to be part of CO2Vision?

Participation in CO2Vision has strengthened Evida's insight into the need for CO2 infrastructure in North Jutland.


Laura M. Agneessens

Business developer
tel. 3078 9112

The CO2 Vision consortium